A leading medical research group based in Christchurch, New Zealand, with over 50 years local experience and proven international standing.

About us and what we do...

We engage with local health specialists and Pharmaceutical Drug Companies to develop medicines that are prescribed daily throughout New Zealand and can have positive effects on healthcare. 


We work primarily with Pharmaceutical Drug Companies, as well as in collaboration with Academic Research Units. Many of our projects contribute towards large-scale international research trials. All of our work is governed by Good Clinical Practice. In addition our studies are all assessed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Health and Disability Ethics Committee System and the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Trials. 

We work on clinical trials for many different health conditions. These include: Diabetes, Heart Problems and High Cholesterol. We are also very active in Preventive Trials, which look at medicines that may lower the chances of contracting illnesses, especially in over-65-year olds. 

Other areas of work we have been involved with include screening families at risk for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, and investigating new surgical implants and procedures to control diabetes.

Dedicated health research right in the heart of Christchurch City


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Many people find participating in research supports their own health knowledge, while also contributing to population health improvements.

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We have decades of experience and have made a very real difference to the lives of many Cantabrians and other New Zealanders through our ongoing research and clinical trials.

Our goal is to continue our work
as a centre of excellence...
building on over 50 years experience.


Emeritus Professor Donald Beaven set up a diabetes clinical and research unit in Christchurch in the 1960s. The mission statement included the objective "...to research new treatments that meet the needs of those who have diabetes or are at risk of diabetes".

Building upon this beginning, our research unit has evolved, and continues to play a major role in pharmaceutical drug trials and academic research in Canterbury.

Don Beaven was instrumental in setting up our current facility, a dedicated health research building that is adjacent to the Christchurch Hospital, the School of Medicine and the new Central Health Precinct.

We have close alliances with local health specialists including General Medicine, Endocrinology, Lipids and Cardiology. Our research links extend to colleagues in Phase 1 Units, Emergency Medicine Pathways and the Heart Institute.

Many of the medicines that we have helped develop through our research projects are now prescribed daily in New Zealand.


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